Can CBD Treat or Give Addiction?

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Cannabidiol, also known as cannabis oil is a natural substance under the form of a food supplement. It is used for many purposes. Studies from other countries than UK say it is useful as aid in treating stress, anxiety and insomnia. Unlike THC, cannabis oil is legal in the majority of countries.

Cannabis or hemp plants from certain strains have many composites, from which only a part were studied. These substances are the base of studies today for different treatments.

CBD is extracted from tulip and seeds of cannabis plants. The oils contain full spectrum CBD, a natural hemp extract interacting with our body.

These oils contain other nutrient substances such as vitamins and 85 other cannabinoids. If does not contain THC, or it contains less than 0.2%, the accepted maximum dosage of THC in food supplements.

Can CBD give addiction?

  • Addiction is a chronical condition of the human body making people think they need a certain substance, even if it is harmful for health. It is not the case with CBD. Patients can renounce their cures with ease at any time
  • Almost all substances provoking addiction target the ‘centre of pleasure’, which is dopamine. Normally, this is released only when we do things that we like, spend time with the ones we love, or eat something we enjoy. In the lack of these stimulants, it is the substance which allow the body to release such feelings
  • CBD extracts are well tolerated for human consumption
is cbd addictive

Can you overdose CBD?

CBD oils have a relaxing and calming effect, as reported by many users. The average recommended dosage is 200mg a day, but it depends on the type of cannabinoids, the way of ingestion and the form of the product you buy online. Start with small dosages and enjoy the beneficial effects!

The endocannabinoid system was only discovered 30 years ago. The possibility to study it is reduced by the legal regulations and laws. Still, cannabinoid hemp extracts are the only source of fito cannabinoids, substances useful for many functions of the body.

The endocannabinoid system is of ultimate importance for the medical world. It is one of the primary defending systems in maintaining homeostasis. Endocannabinoid receptors can be found in different parts of the body. The brain has many CB1 receptors which interact with the synaptic activity. CB2 receptors are a part of the immune and intestinal systems.

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CBD to treat addiction

Limited research and regulations of the law do not allow the results of studies from other countries to be accepted as a proof that CBD treats addiction. We advise you to consult your doctor for such problems and to seek specialised help.

Even though, there are some observations and claims from users that CBD might be helpful in treating different types of addiction.

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Nicotine is the psychoactive stimulant from tobacco. Its properties are enhanced by the industrial process. People using a CBD inhalator can reduce their cigarette or tobacco consumption with 40%

Enzymatic mechanisms from the brain limit the nicotine addiction which depends on the CB1 receptors. CBD facilitates the production of enzymes, reducing the cravings for tobacco.


Hemp seed oil and other hemp plants extracts have been used for millenniums to treat opioid addiction. Some studies in the United States also show the same. However, it is not enough to claim that CBD products can help in treating this type of dependence.

CBD Oil and THC found in marijuana plant can ease the withdrawal symptoms by acting on the CB2 receptors in the brain. Clinical trials proven the therapeutic effects of THC and CBD derived from the cannabis plant on the endocannabinoid system.

There should be no side effects of using food supplements, as substance abuse cases were not reported. There are no side effects in using cannabinoids for these purposes.

cbd opioid addiction

One glass of wine might be pleasant after a nice dinner. However, alcohol addiction on long term is a problem. It influences a large number of body functions. Binge drinking might have a severe impact on the brain.

Modifying habits is a first step in treating this problem. CBD does not help directly, but it can calm the mind and the body while the organism gets used with the lack of alcohol.

cbd alcohol addiction

CBD and addiction

CBD has effects on a large number of systems in the organism. It has anti-inflammatory properties. Cannabidiol is a safe composite without side effects when used on humans and animals. There are still studies necessary on the endocannabinoid system before using cannabinoid extracts on a wide scale.

How To Choose The Best CBD in 2020


CBD Oil is a new category of products that enjoy ascending popularity lately. It is because of the beneficial properties of the product. People are wondering how to choose CBD in 2020. Even if in some countries, it is not possible to take CBD for medical purposes, people can read reviews and opinions of people that tried these products in the past.

With the increasing demand, there is a flood of new producers and distributors both online and offline. Today, Cannabinoid extracts can be bought legally from more than 50 countries across the globe.

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5 Celebrities Using CBD Oil

Celebrities Using CBD Oil

Cannabinoid Oil or CBD is known as a new type of food supplement or even medical product with various applications. In UK and EU, it is consumed as a food supplement, In the USA, researches are more advanced when it comes to cannabis sativa legal extracts and their effects on the endocannabinoid system. 

It is an easy way to ingest CBD, containing the oligo-elements of THC, but without the psychoactive effect. It comes to positive effects on the wellbeing. Even if it is not legal to claim in the UK that CBD helps in cures of different conditions, we can talk about celebrities using CBD oils with different goals and results in other parts of the world. 



Comediant, actress and host of a popular TV show The View is also a consumer and fan of cannabinoid extracts. She uses pens to ingest hash legal extracts to cure her health problems such as pain and stress. 

In the USA, it is legal to use CBD for medical reasons and studies are more advanced about the effects of cannabinoids on health. 

Whoopi decided to go further with her passion for CBD and opened her pwn business with non-THC cannabis sativa extracts. She uses CBD when she cannot consume THC and actively shows support for hemp as a medical cure.



Another Hollywood celebrity consuming and promoting CBD is Morgan Freeman. He uses THC as well to treat the fibromalgy he suffers after a severe accident in 2008.


Chong, known for his partnership with Cheech was known in the USA during the ’70s for his comedies. Recently, he is a promoter of THC legalisation and for a wider knowledge of CBD. He uses cannabinoids regularly and credits hemp extracts with his healing of prostate cancer in 2012. ‘Using CBD Oil for cancer is the best thing I ever did’ he claims.


One of the young CBD promoters is Williams. He is known for a long time to sustain legalisation of cannabis, including the CBD oil he uses for treating multiple sclerosis. In 2016, he was caught with cannabinoids on an airport in Germany, but proved they were prescribed by a doctor. He is one of the fewest people to be caught with marijuana extracts in Europe and let go. 


Melissa did not consume cannabionds before being diagnosed with breast cancer. Since using CBD OIls regularly, she claims her condition got better even without any other medical treatment.


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Celebrities Using CBD Oil vs. Real People

Even if CBD Oil is known to be more effective in helping for different conditions, it is not legal to use it solely for this purpose. In the UK, you should consult a doctor to get special treatment for your conditions, and only use hemp extracts as aids for well being during these cures. 

Many people advocate for the wider use of CBD for medical purposes. It will be some time before this happens. Until then, we can read about other people’s experience with CBD and to use them as food supplements after buying them from reputed manufacturers. 


Most Concentrated CBD Products – Isolates vs. Full Spectrum

cbd isolates uk

There are different ways to extract cannabinoids from hemp. The extraction method also makes the difference between the way people take CBD, as there is a major difference between them. Everybody heard of CBD oils, but when it comes to Isolates, only the advanced users of CBD know and understand what it is about.

Legal cannabis or cannabidiol is the food supplement everyone is talking about. People are discovering these natural ways of improving the wellbeing and their incredible benefits.

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The 2018 USA Farm Bill – What Does it Mean for the UK

CBD Farm bill 2018 1

The 2018 Farm Bill of USA will have effects across the world, including on the cannabis sativa extracts such as CBD industry in the UK.

What is the Farm Bill 2018?

The Hemp Farming Act of 2018 allows farmers to grow special strains of hemp with the goal of extracting cannabinoids and other medical products. 

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Is CBD Legal in the UK and in the World? Making cannabinoids legal and safe

cbd oils brands

Cannabis oil comes in many forms, ways of ingesting and consumer’s package. In the UK, the illegal statute of THC made cannabis sativa and other non-psychoactive extracts of the hemp plant illegal as well for a while, until people understood their benefits on health. The next obvious question to answer by the industry comes: Is CBD Legal in the UK?

It was necessary for a corporation such as Holland & Barrett to begin selling it and to raise awareness that cannabinoid extracts are not illegal. People claim to reduce symptoms of cancers, aches and pains, but as there are no studies in the UK on this matter yet, we can only recommend our readers CBD supplements based on reviews and on the claims the manufacturers have about their products.
CBD Legal Oil Reviews

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CBD Extraction Methods – What to look for when buying clean cannabinoids

cbd oil extraction
When patients looking to improve their wellbeing read about cannabidiol for the first time, they probably read about CBD Oil. In the UK, cannabinoid extracts are only now discovered. Their legal statute was unclear for a while, hence it was illegal to process any stray of cannabis sativa. In 2016, considering that CBD is not psychoactive, unlike THC, it became legal as a food supplement, as well as other non-psychoactive composites of the cannabis plant. CBD is legal for human consumption in the UK in any form. Even today, the manufacturing industry of pure hemp extracts is new. Specialists need to go overseas to get certifications and manufacturing tools, while the UK laws keep the commerce with hemp plant under strict surveillance. Today, it is possible to buy legal CBD online in the UK, but consumers still need to know many aspects of the extracts they buy. One of those aspects is the manufacturing process of CBD, giving its purity and quality. CBD Extraction Process Continue reading

CBD Daily Recommended Dosage – Weight, Age and Necessities Considerations

CBD Oil Reviews
The United Kingdom is the leading exporter of medical cannabis, even if it is still relatively illegal to prescribe THC medical extracts in England & Wales. It is not the only weird thing happening in this industry in the UK and the EU, but it seems like more and more personalities and even major corporations such as Holland & Barrett are interested in loosening the regulations of medical and food supplements cannabis sativa extracts. It is why people are more and more interested in facts such as the daily recommended dosage of CBD.

Myths and Facts about the Daily Recommended Dosage of CBD

In the lack of legal regulations, CBD is a food supplement. Therefore, the only way to identify the right dosage of CBD for different users, we need to read abroad studies, or forums and Facebook groups where people talk about the positive effects on their wellbeing. Continue reading