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CBD Oils Reviews is an online food supplements shop mainly designed to review cannabinoid food supplements, extracts & cosmetics online in the UK. 

Check our gamma of CBD products that you can safely buy in the UK! Best prices, matched or better than the ones of manufacturers!

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Today, it is possible to buy food supplements from the USA & Europe and to have them delivered the next day in the UK. It is why we became more than an online food supplements comparison shop, We are now a CBD comparison engine and a dosage calculator website for patients in the UK in need of such a thing.

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Why CBD Hemp Extracts Online?

Cannabinoid extracts as food supplements are a thing today. As pioneers in new food supplements in England, Wales & EU, we partnered with some of the best cannabinoid pure hemp extraction manufacturers, bringing these CBD brands compare website to our already satisfied customers.

We are not a CBD online shop selling products without any reliable information. We read hemp oil reviews, we know the CBD oil effects and CBD side effects. CBD is legal in the UK, but as long as they are taken as food supplements. It is important to understand the basics of cannabinoid extraction methods before deciding to buy CBD UK, and why the CBD oil prices are so different from one website to another.

So it is possible for CBD Oil to cure Cancer?

In the lack of studies in the UK, we cannot talk about cannabis oil cancer or its effects, as those are the subject of medical studies. You can find the CBD oil cancer dosage in studies made overseas, or in other parts of the world, where CBD is a medical product.

CBD Oil Reviews does not make any medical claim. As for the effect of cannabinoids as food supplements, we try to offer facts, numbers and reviews, trying to assess all the products we promote as fair as possible.

Whether you buy CBD Drops 400mg from our website or some hemp cream, you can be sure our website gives you all the required details for the desired CBD product.

No Claims, just people talking

However, there are many groups on social media talking about Parkinson s Disease, anxiety disorders and other medicinal products that can be combined with CBD oil for better effects. In order to sell only legal supplements, those need to have less than 0.02% tetrahydrocannabinol THC. Our website offers all the required details about the content of cannabinoids, whether you are buying a CBD crystal or some CBD gummies bears from us. 

Our Home Office is situated in Kent, being able to ship in less than 24 hours everywhere in the countries where CBD is legal. Our readers must understand the difference between cannabis oil and the medical ways to treat cancer. CBD vape even in high quantities can only come as a natural remedy completing the medical advice of your GP.

Use our Dosage Calculator to determine if you need high quantities of CBD. Browse our other medicines and healthcare products. CBD Oil in the UK is only at the beginning, and in the lack of a central body, all the cannabinoid products are subject of the rules of the healthcare products regulatory agency of the NHS.

What is the CBD Dosage Calculator & CBD Reviews?

We read CBD Hemp Oil Reviews before adding any new manufacturer to our shop. We read oil reviews of the liquid cannabis UK and make sure they are suited for our reader’s needs. From a simple hemp hand cream to the advanced CBD isolates we compare, we make sure we promote only high-quality CBD oil UK. We collaborate with specialists knowing the CBD Oil UK law. We tell you how much mg of CBD are in every product, and how much you need to pay.

Compare CBD Online UK with CBD Oils Reviews UK

CBD Oils Reviews Online, the place of the true CBD hemp oil reviews. Cannabis E-liquid UK reviewed and analysed from the legal point of view. Only honest CBD oil Reviews from customers who tried the products we advertise. Best CBD gummies UK for your children’s cannabinoid intake. Solutions for your CBD Vape UK Needs.

Best CBD Product for your Endocannabinoid System

Our products are different from medical marijuana, even if it is extracted from the same cannabis sativa strain. Cannabis Sativa extracts are known to help in cures for chronic pain, anxiety and depression, as well as other anxiety disorders. People use them in treating Alzheimer’s Disease, to reduce anxiety or in cases of multiple sclerosis. It is believed that hemp extracts help in cases of multiple sclerosis, as it helps to reduce inflammation. However, we can’t talk about all those benefits on the immune system when we are talking about the CBD extracts.

The effectiveness of CBD and the benefits of CBD oil are uncontested when they are used as food supplements. However, please consult your doctor before buying them, and make sure they do not interfere with any medical treatment you are following.

Is CBD Legal in the UK?

The simple answer is Yes. You can legally compare & buy our products online, and you can compare the different options we put at our reader’s disposal. We strive to offer the best prices on the market, telling you how much you pay or every mg of CBD obtained legally. Read the CBD oil review UK and determine which of our products is best for your case.

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CBD Oils (MTC Oils, Sprays, Sublingual & CBD Pens)

CBD Sprays

CBD Sprays are an easy way to benefit from CBD. It has a quick effect as it is taken sublingually. The fine blood receptors there send the substance right into the bloodstream, allowing you to benefit from the entourage effect a lot faster.

CBD Sublingual

CBD Oils come in the form of sprays, but also as other cannabinoid extracts that can be taken by putting it under the tongue. For example, some use CBD wax combined with olive oil. Some CBD products are coocnut oil based

CBD Pens

CBD pens mean concentrated CBD, with less carrier oil. It is denser, and it is for people that want to have the full spectrum oil. Some of them combine it with their favourite MCT Oil at home.

CBD Vape

Lab results show that purchasing CBD is becomeing a thing in the United Kingdom. Vaping is another fasy way to ingest the useful hemp extract. It is fast, bringing the vaped cannabinoids in tho the bloodstream fast.

CBD E-Liquid & Vape Additive

CBD Vape Pens

CBD Vape Kit

CBD Edibles

CBD Sweets

CBD Hemp Balms

CBD Hemp Capsules

CBD Specials

CBD Isolates



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