CBD Extraction Methods – What to look for when buying clean cannabinoids

cbd oil extraction

When patients looking to improve their wellbeing read about cannabidiol for the first time, they probably learned about CBD Oil. In the UK, cannabinoid extracts are only now discovered, as well as the CBD extraction methods used by manufacturers. Their legal statute was unclear for a while. Hence it was illegal to process any stray of cannabis sativa. In 2016, considering that CBD is not psychoactive, unlike THC, it became legal as a food supplement, as well as other non-psychoactive composites of the cannabis plant. CBD is legal for human consumption in the UK in any form.

Even today, the manufacturing industry of pure hemp extracts is new. Specialists need to go overseas to get certifications and manufacturing tools, while the UK laws keep commerce with hemp plant under strict surveillance.

Today, it is possible to buy legal CBD online in the UK, but consumers still need to know many aspects of the extracts they buy. One of those aspects is the manufacturing process of CBD, giving its purity and quality.

CBD Extraction Process

The colour of pure CBD oil is green or gold to dark brown, varying in viscosity and volume. Cannabinoid oils can be found as sprays and capsules, but those are derivates of CBD oils as well.

Is CBD and Hemp Oil the same?

Industrial hemp oil (extracted from the seeds of industrial hemp plant material) has low levels of CBD. It is included in foods as food supplements and cosmetics, but it cannot be considered as wellbeing treatment, simply because the content of cannabinoids is insignificant.

CBD Oils are extracted from flowers, tulips and leaf of special cannabis sativa plants. The legal regime of those plants in the UK is strict, hence the significantly higher prices of the pure CBD oil.

What are the best Extraction Methods?

Cannabidiol of any kind (THC or CBD) is extracted using solvents, or through supercritical processing with CO2. Carbon dioxide extraction is the cleanest, as it does not leave any residues. It is a process taking places at high temperatures. The subcritical extraction process takes place at lower temperatures, preserving more of the useful substances in the hemp plant. The CBD extraction method known as the supercritical process has the advantage of extracting more CBD from the plant, with higher concentrations.

Probably you asked why CBD is so expensive? This question usually comes from people seeing pure hemp capsules in drug superstores for low prices. It is because of the hemp stray used, and because CBD oil is not the same as the hemp oil. 

Cânepă ulei de extracțieThe extraction process and the particular cannabis sativa stray make sure pure CBD is extracted from the plant.

Cold-pressed hemp seeds oil is another extraction method without solvents. This method allows you to obtain essential hemp oils at home, but still, this is different from the acclaimed and talked about pure CBD oils we promote, compare and sell to our readers.

1. Simple Hemp Oil Obtained Through Cold Pressing

The simple hemp oil extract is rich in nutrients and vitamins, being an aid to any diet, but it contains a small number of Cannabinoids. Many users add it to CBD cures, but cannabinoids are different from this simple drugstore food supplements, and a lot more beneficial for your endocannabinoid system.

This pure oil is obtained through cold pressing. It is an excellent technique to get oil from hemp, but it is not for the production of CBD.


2. Rick Simpson Method for Cannabis Oil 

Another commonly CBD extraction method is one of Rick Simpson, based on petrol as a solvent. This method is efficient, but it leaves gasoline into the final product. Moreover, it is more suited to extract THC. Therefore it is not an excellent method to obtain the legal cannabinoids from the hemp plant. All the products marketed and sold on CBD Reviews & Compare are obtained through other ways, such as the CO2 extraction of pure hemp oil rich in CBD.


3. Ethanol and Olive Oil Extraction 

Ethanol and Olive Oil are used for extracting the entire gamma of cannabinoids and terpenes. This CBD extraction method gives products that are safe to consume as food supplements, but they still come with disadvantages.

Ethanol extracts chlorophyll from the plant, so the final product has an unpleasant taste and colour. Less chlorophyll means less CBD, and this is why manufacturers renounce this method for the olive oil-based method. Using olive oil as MCT carrier means the plant must only be heated to 200 degrees Celsius. It means large quantities of CBD are obtained this way, but larger quantities of CBD must be consumed to get the required effects.

For this kind of CBD oils, the best cannabinoid price calculator is the one in Millilitres.

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4. CO super-critic2 extraction method

The most expensive, but cleanest and non-toxic method and also efficient to obtain CBD from hemp is the CO2extraction. This requires special equipment and expertise. In the lack of schools, courses and educational resources in the UK, specialists from England & Wales have to go overseas to qualify. But the oils obtained this way are the purest and richest in CBD on the market.

The cannabinoid oils obtained through supercritical extraction have the whole spectre of cannabinoids. It has an orange, transparent colour, superior to any other CBD food supplement online. We strive to promote many CBD manufacturers using this method, and we recommend you to pay more for these kinds of CBD derivates, as they are for sure the ones with the most beneficial effects on your wellbeing. The Supercritical CO2 Extraction process is usually the reason for the significant prices of some quality CBD cannabis oils. The temperature and pressure offer the full spectrum cannabidiol CBD from the plant, including useful other vitamins contained by these food supplements. We recommend the extracted oil giving the entourage effect from our recommended brands. It is time for UK consumers to know these products, longly used in the United States and other countries of the world.



The purest hemp oils everyone is looking for are those extracted with the fourth method. Usually, it gives an orange coloured pasta which is combined with Carrier MCT Oil. Whether you are looking for legal cannabis and hemp products, you can be sure the manufacturing process makes the difference.

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