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Koi CBD first offered their products online in 2015, when the company was established to give quality cannabinoid extract solutions to the people dismayed of the lousy quality CBD existent on the market at that time. Initially, they started with different concentrations of Koi CBD oil, expanding their line of products gradually. They only use 99% pure cannabidiol extracted in a certified facility, providing consistent and non-psychoactive hemp extract legal in 50 American states and the United Kingdom.

Koi CBD Gummies 20 pack - 10mg CBD per gummy

How To Use Koi CBD?

Third parties labs carefully test all their products before being put in front of the consumers. It is why it can be legally sold online in the UK, being one of the fewest USA grown cannabis sativa extract that is also successful in the UK. Look for the Koi CBD coupons and buy your daily dosage of cannabinoids from one of the most trusted manufacturers!

Cannabinoid Oils Koi CBD Review

The most popular product they sell currently is Koi 1000mg CBD, which can be found in their flavoured cannabinoid oils. The 30ml bottle comes in different flavours for all tastes, including orange, lemon-lime, spearmint and the natural flavour of hemp. You can also buy the variety pack which will allow you to benefit from a different gamma of hemp-extracted oils at a reduced price.

If you are just starting your CBD cure and you don’t need that many cannabinoids, you can always start with Koi CBD 250mg oil, perfect for helping the medical treatment of chronic pain. However, do not consider Koi CBD as a medicine. It is only a food supplement, and you can only take it if your GP permits it.

Koi CBD Vape Juices Reviews

Koi CBD vape juice is one of the most used and popular cannabinoid smoking e-liquid in the UK. It is one of the Koi products which had an immediate impact as soon as it was sold online! People are looking for the white Koi or Red Koi as these are the most popular, but you can also find vape juices from this manufacturer with other flavours. Try the Gold Koi or the Blue version and tell us what you think about these 30ml bottles of pure American non-GMO hemp-extracted

The Koi Naturals hemp extracts are combined with the purest coconut oil to obtain the wealthiest cannabinoid dosage possible. The Koi CBD Oils from America are now widespread across the UK, and we are proud to offer the products of this manufacturer online!

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