5 Celebrities Using CBD Oil

Celebrities Using CBD Oil

Many celebrities using CBD oil talk about their discovery and what benefits it brought in their lives. Cannabinoid Oil or CBD is known as a new type of food supplement or even medical product with various applications. In the UK and EU, it is consumed as a food supplement. In the USA, researches are more advanced when it comes to cannabis sativa legal extracts and their effects on the endocannabinoid system.

It is an easy way to ingest CBD, containing the oligo-elements of THC, but without the psychoactive effect. It comes to a positive impact on the wellbeing. Even if it is not legal to claim in the UK that CBD helps in cures of different conditions, we can talk about celebrities using CBD oils with different goals and results in other parts of the world.



Comedian, actress and host of a popular TV show The View is also a consumer and fan of cannabinoid extracts. She uses pens to ingest hash legal extracts to cure her health problems such as pain and stress.

In the USA, it is legal to use CBD for medical reasons, and studies are more advanced about the effects of cannabinoids on health.

Whoopi decided to go further with her passion for CBD and opened her own business with non-THC cannabis sativa extracts. She uses CBD when she cannot consume THC and actively shows support for hemp as a medical cure.



Another Hollywood celebrity consuming and promoting CBD is Morgan Freeman. He uses THC as well to treat the fibromyalgia he suffers after a severe accident in 2008.


Chong, known for his partnership with Cheech, was known in the USA during the ’70s for his comedies. Recently, he is a promoter of THC legalisation and for more extensive knowledge of CBD. He uses cannabinoids regularly and credits hemp extracts with his healing of prostate cancer in 2012. ‘Using CBD Oil for cancer is the best thing I ever did’.


One of the young CBD promoters is Williams. He is known for a long time to sustain legalisation of cannabis, including the CBD oil he uses for treating multiple sclerosis. In 2016, he was caught with cannabinoids on an airport in Germany but proved a doctor prescribed them. He is one of the fewest people to be caught with marijuana extracts in Europe and let go.


Melissa did not consume cannabinoids before being diagnosed with breast cancer. Since using CBD OIls regularly, she claims her condition got better even without any other medical treatment.



Celebrities Using CBD Oil vs Real People

Even if CBD Oil is known to be more effective in helping for different conditions, it is not legal to use it solely for this purpose. In the UK, you should consult a doctor to get special treatment for your requirements, and only use hemp extracts as aids for well being during these cures.

Many people advocate for the broader use of CBD for medical purposes. It will be some time before this happens. Until then, we can read about other people’s experience with CBD and use them as food supplements after buying them from reputed manufacturers.


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