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CBD Brothers – Cannabinoid Reviews & Tests
CBD Brothers are one of the major UK manufacturers of hemp pure extracts. They have a wide range of products available for people who want to use their food supplements, which are also available on our website for the best prices online.

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Why CBD Brothers - Now Known as The Original Alternative CBD. The new brand benefits of the same facilities in Suffolk, and of the same certified organic ingredients. The Original Alternative products are tested in a specifically built laboratory. Only the best buds, plants and seeds are used to obtain an extract of the highest purity. This cannabinoid extract manufacturer is one of the healthy alternatives to the industrial hemp extracted products. Their CBD is diluted in organic coconut or other MCT Carrier oil, for long-lasting cures beneficial for the endocannabinoid system.  Best certified organic products - The Original Alternative There is a difference between cannabis and hemp, and this is how you can identify the authentic products. The company from Suffolk, England was founded some time ago. The CBD Brothers Oils became some of the most wanted online, especially because of their quality and prices. The extraction process is clean, allowing them to obtain some of the purest cannabidiol CBD extracts you can find online. Since 2018, they brought a new brand of hemp extracts online, The Original Alternative. Browse a wide selection of hemp extracts, including the white edition and the green edition of oils. All their products are made of imported indica strains, grown especially for their rich content of quality of quality CBD CBD brothers use whole cannabis plant extracts with a high level of terpenes, amino-acids and Omega 3 & 9. All their products are free of pesticides and heavy metals, commonly used by other producers in their extraction process. It is not only the reviews of users, but also the lab tests to certify this affirmation.

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If you are looking for the full spectrum CBD, you are in the right place. This company always made CBD products with care, whether we are talking about a simple CBD balm or an advanced composite of cannabinoid crystals. One of the most trusted brands online and a name that you can look for when you want something useful for your endocannabinoid system!

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