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Pharma Hemp is the cannabinoid oil brand that really gives you everything you need. The company offers true, authentic CBD extracted using the purest Co2 supercritical extraction process, which is really behind the positive reviews their products have.

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Pharma Hemp chooses only rich CBD strains of cannabis sativa and indica, with a low content of THC, but rich in CBD. From choosing the hemp to transforming it into the so much needed CBD, every part of the manufacturing process is carefully reviewed by this manufacturer.

Pharma Hemp - the love for pure CBD

The customers of this company benefit of the purest cannabinoids, free of heavy metals and other substances remaining in the final product when the classic industrial extraction process is used. Pharma Hemp is a family owned business, which means the founders of the company are a part of the production chain. Their love for hemp extracts and the responsibility with which the company makes its products are behind the company's positive reputation. The quality of their hemp extracts is certified by the user's review, but also by independent test labs. We are proud to have Love CBD in our CBD comparison engine, knowing it is one of the best choices for our customers.

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