CBD Buds

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CBD hemp buds are obtained from the CBD flower, along with other CBD products that you can find online. They are the base of the hemp tea, but they can also be used in other ways.


Are CBD Buds legal?

Many people would look at these buds and they would say they look exactly like the illegal CBD hemps people buy from the streets. In reality, the legal cannabinoids come with less than 0.2 THC. Even if they are extracted from the cannabis plants, they come from high XBD hemp flowers with a reduced content of CBD. Therefore, they are 100 legal to use and buy in any way. It is impossible to obtain quality flowers from the industrial hemp. It is why we review and try all the products we sell, making sure our customers get the best products. CBD flowers are maybe one of the fewest hemp products which are not made with CBD oil, but they have a high grade of useful content.