CBD extracts

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CBD extracts are natural supplements with numerous properties beneficial for wellbeing and mind. Even if they are extracted through clean and unique technological processes from the Cannabis Sativa Plant, they are legal in the UK because of their content of less than 0.2% psychoactive substances
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CBD Extracts come from certain strains of cannabis and hemp plants, rich in cannabidiol and poor in THC. This way, CBD oils are 100% legal to use in natural treatments. Besides the useful cannabinoids for the endocannabinoid system, the products in our hemp extracts food supplements comparison engine are rich in Omega 3, Fatty acids and vitamins.

Benefits & Side Effects of CBD Extracts

Starting with the 80's, numerous studies showed the benefits of hemp extracts, and especially of cannabinoids. In the UK, we have fewer studies as the industry is relatively new. More and more people ask about these products every day, talking about the benefits they bring to their wellbeing.