This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult your GP before taking any dietary supplement. Make sure they do not interfere or affect any medical treatment you may follow.

CBD Tea is the nice and easy way to benefit of cannabinoids. It is just like enjoying your Buddha teas, but this time enhanced with the benefits of CBD.

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Why CBD Tea instead of cannabinoid extracts?

The extracts of hemp CBD are used in other countries for medical reasons, such as treating chronic pain and other severe affections. In the UK, you cannot take substances for your endocannabinoid system unless they are marketed as dietary food supplements. It is why CBD tea made of cannabinoid buds with a low content of THC are popular today.
The hemp tea is usually an extract of the hemp seed, but you can find many another way to enjoy your 5 o'clock habit and to benefit from your daily dosage of CBD. Just put the tea bags in hot water, and the cannabis plant will work wonders on your wellbeing.
There are also the water-soluble CBD options we have for our customers. One cup of tea can ensure the necessary daily cannabinoids intake, but the majority of users prefer to combine a cup of tea with treatments with CBD oils, capsules, or vaping solutions.
CBD Teas are an easy way to ingest and enjoy CBD while having a chat with your friends. We are in the UK and the 5 o'clock tea is a tradition. The novelty is cannabinoids, which can now be combined in teas! Choose your flavour or combine CBD teas and change the way you enjoy your favourite drink forever!

CBD Tea - What is it Good For?

Stress - the biggest worry of the 20th century now has a strong enemy. Without the high of the THC oils, the CBD tea makes it easy for the organism to recover after long periods of stress, helping your body to relax and improving your wellbeing. We only recommend teas made of natural hemp, enhanced with natural flavours of lavender or mango. Eventually, you will obtain the benefits of the cannabinoids in a savorous hot drink along with your friends!

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